Hello world!

Over a month ago I had a grand plan, and started this blog to document my re-introduction to front-end Web development. I’ve built literally thousands of HTML pages from scratch over the last 20 years (whoa!), but after moving into management roles in the late 00s, I haven’t kept up with new developments like HTML5 or JQuery (and its ilk).

The last time I worked heavily in HTML and CSS it was all about XHTML. So I don’t have too much to catch up on, I hope.

Of course, within two weeks of starting back up, two disruptive things happened:

  1. The hard drive on my laptop died a messy death. I knew it was coming, so I was able to back up all of my important files.
  2. My wife went back to help her mom for a couple of months, and our daughter went with her. Although she does this every year, it turns my daily routine upside down.

But now I’ve got a new, improved hard disk with a fresh OS install. And I bumped my RAM from 4GB to 8GB. I even subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud (I was able to get the upgraded discount). And, I’ve finished binge watching shows on Netflix I’ve already seen. So it’s time to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

I’ll be adding a directory to adaptabit.com for the code I write. Very simple stuff at first.

For a change of pace, I’ll be updating this WordPress theme, or finding a new one to use and customize. I have lifetime subscriptions to both ElegantThemes.com and Theme-Junkie.com, so I’ll probably work with one of those themes first. Then I’ll create my own from scratch (I’ve done it before).

I also have a client I’m doing work for:  A solo-practice attorney for whom I’m providing marketing technology support. As that work progresses I’ll highlight it here as well.

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